BeeJays Online Personality Development & Communication Skills

Los Angeles

Global Indians need Global English to do Business with Americans

and other Countries. Are you Ready or

what are you waiting for ?
Want to learn just American Accent, Accent Neutralization or how to handle daily web conference meetings or interact more with onsite US based clients & project managers?

We have both programs running successfully over many years as a blended learning experience.
Learn to Speak, Communicate like a true Global Indian. No matter where your clients and colleagues happen to be, theres always going to be a meeting, a conversation, a business proposal, a conference call or a presentation that requires understanding of Global English or American Accent. Best for Project Managers, Team Leaders, Network Infrastructure Support Managers and IT Marketing whiz kids. Send an email to [email protected] to find out course

rates and demo schedules or visit
Better still Call BeeJay 09704674382 or 04027196153 to reach Coach Beejay.
Skypename: beejays.english

BeeJays English Online Academy Hyderabad AP India

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15 Feb
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