Discount Mac Repair Laptop Repair PC Repair Service Phoenix / Glendale AZ

I'll Fix It Or You Don't Pay!
GLENDALE PC SERVICE - Discounted Expert Computer Repair For PC's and Mac's.
Low Flat Rates Only-Never Hourly.
Onsite housecalls or dropoff service.
Click HERE for a quick quote for service!
Call 623-521-3521, visit, or email [email protected] for a FREE QUOTE.
We fix on ALL brands and types of computers: Laptops, MACs, PCs, and Desktops, as well as all types of Networks and more. Unlike other companies, we can easily handle both the hardware and software aspects of your computer. We can fix DC Jacks, replace laptop screens, motherboards, operating systems, virus and spyware problems, and more.
We will always back your files up if we need to reinstall the operating system. Other companies will not do this. They will simply wipe your data to save themelves time.
Some more examples of services provided throughout the Valley:
Finding and removing stubborn viruses and spyware
Backing up and restoring data
Preventing And Getting Rid Of Crashes and Bluescreens
Finding and fixing security breaches
Finding, replacing, and removing forgotten, lost, or unknown passwords
Fix DC Jacks and other hardware on laptops
Fix / Repalce Laptop Screens
Getting your network up and running again
Removing unused memory clogging programs and speeding up your computer
Eliminating performance bottlenecks
Deleting Spyware that has been installed on your system
Windows XP and Windows 2000 service optimization
Accelerating your boot process and shutdowns
Installing additional memory and other upgrades
Prevent future problems
System diagnostics
Installing patches, updates, and fixes
Upgrading software packages to latest versions
Installing GOOD virus-scanning software that actually works vs the off the shelf or free ones that don't
Scheduling system utilities and automatic scans
Getting latest drivers
Upgrading operating systems
Windows 7 is a big improvement over XP and Vista, and we install it cheaper than ANYONE else in the Valley
Optimizing Internet Explorer to prevent adware dialog boxes, advertising "cookies," and pop-ups from appearing while you browse the web
Experienced. Reasonable rates. No charge if we can't fix it. And yes, we make housecalls, all over the valley, as well as offering dropoff service.
Call 623-521-3521, visit, email [email protected], or click HERE for a quick quote for service!

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