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Help Us to Help Others this Holiday Season – Schedule a Donations Drive Event at your building.
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In this new century, The Salvation Army is serving more people in the USA than ever before. We are already seeing large increases in the number of Americans seeking the basic necessities of life - food, shelter, and warmth. Approximately 30 million people received help from The Salvation Army in the past year, but the magnitude of the mission facing The Salvation Army in communities throughout the United States remains great. However, we cannot do it alone. Here’s how you can help…
Announcing: Our End of the Year – Donations Drive Event Days
Schedule a Donations Drive Event Day at your building for:
FREE PICK UP of new or gently used items — like clothing, appliances, electronics, furniture and other goods.
HASSLE FREE Service - No Stress, No Mess.
No need to drive to our location or schedule a pick-up appointment – We come to you.
Our movers are highly trained, professional and courteous.
Great for pre-Spring cleaning!
Instant tax deduction receipt!
These events support victims of natural disasters and rehabilitative services for men, women & families in need of a hand-UP during difficult times.
Contact our Donations Drive Coordinator for more information or to schedule a Donations Drive Event for your building. It’s easy! It’s a tremendously worthy cause! It’s
God Bless You.
John H. Whitehead
[email protected]

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