Floral Design Class: Funeral Decoration Course

298 $
San Jose

For those who are planning to have your own floral shop, work for a florist as a floral designer or offer floral decorating services, it is mandatory to master funeral flower arrangement. Funeral floral designs are so expensive considering cost of flowers and other decorating materials. If you earn skills of funeral floral decorations and successfully find customers, you can enjoy profitable business.

California Flower Art Academy is pleased to offer Funeral Floral Decoration Course that covers several flower arrangements mandatory for funeral ceremonies. We offer this program almost every week at our San Jose classroom as well as Burlingame extension class near San Francisco Airport. For those who are too busy to take lessons on weekdays, our school offers classes on the weekend as well.

Our well experienced instructor will teach you how to make funeral flower arrangements by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions which greatly help earn practical skills easily and quickly.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County), you can easily commute to and from our school. Since foundation of our school back in 1990, we have been operating as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). For more information about our school, feel free to contact [email protected]

REMARKS: Lesson Fee ($298) is effective as of December 2014 and subject to change.

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