Floral Design Class: Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course

298 $
San Jose, San Jose and Burlingame, San Francisco Bay Area

If you are planning to be a florist or floral designer, it is highly recommended to earn practical skills of wedding party floral decorations. Selling only cut flowers at a floral shop MAY be OK. However increasing the portfolio of your "products" will remarkably contribute to expanding your business in floral industry.

California Flower Art Academy is more than happy to help you earn skills of wedding floral arrangements if you are serious in learning wedding floral decorations. Since wedding flowers have a very high demand, offering this service will remarkably help your floral business increase not only revenue but also profit.

By joining Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course, you can learn various flower designs mandatory for weddings. The lesson fee for this particular course is only $298 (as of December 2014. Price is subject to change in the future). Since the price of wedding flowers is very expensive, you can easily pay off your small investment once you succeed in finding customers.

In order for you to join this course, it is mandatory for you to satisfy one of following conditions:

A. You already completed Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course (offered by California Flower Art Academy)
B. You learned basic floral arrangement at a floral design school.
C. You have sufficient experiences in floral decorations (either European or American style of arrangement) and have a skill enough to skip above mentioned Elementary Course.

If you have no previous experiences in floral arranging, you can start from scratch by signing up for Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course (covering 12 designs of European floral arrangements).

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching a wide range of floral designs from Japanese Ikebana to European arrangements, Wedding to Funeral decorations, basic program to professional courses.

We have been operating as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan) since 1990. For more information, feel free to contact [email protected] We help you make a difference in floral art.

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