7 Foot Jumbo Size Black Balloon with Free LED Lights $9.99

9,99 $
310 628-6127
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Giant 7 foot (84") black latex balloons. Overstock sale at $9.99 each. All balloons get a pack of LED lights free. USA freshly made. High quality. Thick durable latex. Great for events, parties, video projection, advertising, climb into, stage, movie or theater production, balloon launches, balloon flight experiments, practical jokes. Balloons can be helium or air filled. Balloons can be inflated to any size from 3 feet to 4 feet to 5 feet to 6 feet up to 7 feet in size. Fast Shipping (extra). Package includes sealing instructions and balloon sealing zip ties and free LED balloon lights with every balloon order. (310) 628-6127

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19 Oct

Maltese - Grace - Female

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