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From time to time California Flower Art Academy is approached by those who want to give a gift certificate for a flower arranging lesson. In many cases, a son wants to make his mother happy and he would like to send a gift certificate of flower arranging class to his mother. Pretty often this takes place at the time of Mother's Day. (This is a Mother's Day Gift).

Or he wants to make his girl friend happy by giving her the opportunity of taking a floral design lesson. Anyway the recipient of a gift card must be pretty impressed with such a wonderful gift especially when the recipient loves flowers and likes floral art.

California Flower Art Academy sells various types of gift certificate depending on the needs and requirement from each buyer. If he/she wants to send a gift certificate specifying the type or name of program/course of floral designs, we can do so.
Or if he/she does not need to specify the program or course and instead only amount of lesson fee should be indicated on the gift certificate. This is also possible. In this case the recipient needs to contact California Flower Art Academy to decide the name of program and when she/he takes a lesson.

If you would like to send a gift certificate of flower arrangement class, please feel free to contact [email protected]

The most popular program for gift certificate is as mentioned below. Both gift certificates are very inexpensive and quite affordable.

1. Introductory Trial Budget Program (2 designs of European arrangement)
2. Ikebana Short Seminar Program (2 designs of Japanese traditional arrangement).

For more information, please drop your message to [email protected]

REMARKS: The price indicated in this section is effective as of May 2015 and subject to change. We recommend you to check the most current price when buying a gift certificate.

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