Headlight Restoration (Hilton Head/ Bluffton)

Hilton Head

For the past couple of decades, plastic headlights became more and more common. Now nearly every vehicle has plastic as opposed to glass like in the good old days! No matter what make your vehicle, no matter how much the price was, no matter foreign or domestic, EVERY vehicle has the potential to have this issue. I can truly say my parents Mercedes and Cadillac have had fogging and yellowing, worse in fact than my Honda, Ford or Volkswagen ever had. The difficult thing with this issue, sometimes if the vehicle has had enough headlight abuse and damage from the elements, the only solution is a new lens, a cost upwards of $200 BEFORE labor. Why immediately do that when you can try this service first and save hundreds. Sure you could go to a local detail shop like I was going to for my vehicles, but the lowest I've found was $150! And then you'll have to bring your car to them, and wait for them to finish the overbooked appointments before your own. My service is a mere $30 per vehicle and I'll come to you. Please feel free to contact me via email or my cell phone at [email protected] and 631-901-2646 with any questions/concerns and to make an appointment.
Top reasons to restore your headlights:
Improve your visibility at night, it is dangerous to have dim and dull lights in our already dark area!
Don't sacrifice the look of your vehicle, there is no reason for your car to have a dated look with such an easy fix and my service at your disposal!

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Hilton Head

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