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Greetings & Aloha. Below is an in depth profile as to the many
5 Star Domestic services I do provide. I do have over 20 yrs of verifiable and certified domestic live in expertise in large estates and private homes . I incorporate a very intense work ethics protocol with a one person doesall mentality to pursue and expedite all that is required to maintain and elevate a home and property to its most optimal level of running efficiency , ambiance , and the finest services obtainable with a true service heart , no margin for error and no stone left unturned. I truly do live to serve & serve to live. All I ask is a proper probationary period in which to demonstrate my magic and excellence . I am currently available and can commence a live in position immediately with short notice.
SERVICES OFFERED ( yet not limited to - as to any requests ) *****

* Full charge housekeeping / cleaning all aspects of and all areas. With deep cleaning & maintenance cleaning as needed. All surfaces, appliances
rooms, walls , fans & fixtures , baseboards , cupboards, drawers, garage re organize and set up. Very good with granite, exotic surfaces, marble, copper, brass, gold, crystal etc. Routinely clean and sanitize all restrooms etc. Entertainment units and components , computers etc.

* Full laundry services with ironing & dry cleaners as needed.
Change bedding / linens as needed and turn down services if required

* Chef Level culinary and cooking skills. With basic cooking, health conscious cooking and diet cooking . Can do daily or weekly menus, cater small intimate dinner parties and pool parties if needed. Will do all inventory and re stock of food products and all household and grounds needs with purveying and record keeping. Can make fresh breads. and pastry and soups as well as salads . Can do formal or informal.

* Pet care & grooming daily. Can be on premises ( 24x7 ) as to Principles absence for any amount of time for security also.

* Driving and errands.

* Travel arrangements , packing and unpacking

* Convergence services for guests and family members if needed when needed.

* Trouble shooting - handy man and fixer upper skills . Have carpentry skills , remodel and do it yourself skills for repairs etc.

* Will act as liaison for any outside vendors and contractors, pool , grounds etc

* Can do pool and landscape services if needed.

* Detailing - cleaning & maintenance of vehicles and boats.

* Window cleaning and maintenance - ( exterior and interior )

* Indoor house plants care and maintenance . And replenishing of fresh cut display flowers and floral arrangements.

* Monthly & weekly record log of all work , appointments, contracts and events kept on clip board and computer for constant update and review

* Can be on call 24x7 with advance notice

* I use much time management and multi tasking to achieve the highest standards, optimal results and 300 per cent job completion ratio .

FINAL REFLECTION : I myself pride myself on my domestic expertise
The client and or family I work for is contestant my top priority. To insure the highest standards and most elegant environment and enriched lifestyle. I myself am health conscious , lead and eat a healthy life style, a former Iron Man competitor. No vices period. My preferred choice of a living arrangement would be a small house or guest house away from the main residence. Yet I am open to all that is offered. I do have a required salary figure , that we can discuss at interview. Please do contact me for a phone interview and the opportunity to allow me to be the captain of your domain and peace of mind. Sincerely thank you . Tony D.

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