Mobile Billboard Advertising in Atlanta


Mobile billboards by Coast 2 Coast Mobile Media deliver your message directly to your target audience by providing effective & interactive advertising that turns heads and attracts eyeballs from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

When it comes to an Experiential Marketing or OOH campaign, our fleet of mobile billboard trucks can reach your specific audience anytime Day or Night with larger-than-life creatives on all 3 sides of the MB trucks, that come alive in full color and sound for a true, multi-sensory mobile advertising experience. This allows your BRAND to be viewed from all angles while in traffic. Providing you with Attention-grabbing coverage around Concerts, Conventions, Festivals, Sporting Events, Trade Shows, high traffic areas and/or other special events.

Are you looking to promote a Grand Opening, Political campaign, Product Launch or Sales Event?

The greatest advantage of using mobile billboards to drive your BRAND is the move-ability factor.

Coast 2 Coast Mobile Media
"Advertise your BRAND in the Real World".

David Allen
(ph): 770-873-7565
(e): [email protected]
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