Seed plastic flower pots for plant propagation

400 $

We have quite a few different designs of plastic flowerpots, including the international flower pot, hanging baskets, transparent flower pot, round flower pot, square flower pot and so on.
We have already obtained good reputation in domestic markets, and our flower pots are becoming more and more popular in the international market.
They are all best quality materials, safe and recycle.Using those materials, with our perfect handwork,our products are also of good quality and are popular.
These plastic flower pots could be placed indoors, ourdoors or in greenhouses.They have beautiful and fashionable designs, which is also quite sutible for artistic products to display in public.
Besides, our flower pots are strong enough and suitable for long distance transportation and mechanization of transplanting and they have strong abilities of water retention.
Furthermore, we could design according to the requirements of our customers and produce various colors and sizes.
Our company remember the promise to each new and old customer: we hope you buy the best product in best price,with quality

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