Taurine for Nutritional Supplementation [email protected]

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Pharmaceutical Powder Taurine for Nutritional Supplementation [email protected]

Produce Name :Taurine
CAS No.: 107-35-7
Apperance: white crystalline powder
Taurine Purity: 99% by HPLC
Molecular Formula: NH2CH2CH2SO3H
Taurine Molecular weight: 125.15
Molecular Formula: C 2 H 7 NO 3 S
Package :Stealth package or Drum
Shipping way : DHL ,EMS,FeDex ,TNT,UPS
Payment terms : Western Union ,Money grams ,Bank transfer ,Bitcoin
Delivery time :Within 5 days to your door after we received your payment .

Taurine Function
1.Promotes infant brain and mental development
2.Improve nerve conduction and visual function
3.Helps to maintain and, in some cases, improve heart and cardiovascular function
4.Improve the endocrine status, and enhance the body’s immune
5.Affects lipid absorption
6.Improve memory
7.Maintain the normal reproductive function
8.Good effects on liver and gallbladder.
9.Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects
10.Lower blood pressure and blood suger
11.Revitalize skin cells, and provide the young skin with rapid continuous energy and multiple protection

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