VOCAL COACH-studio lessons! (Greenville-Anderson/Upstate)

Greenville, Anderson/Greenville

DINA CLAIRE VOCAL STUDIO is now in 2 locations--Study voice with a professional.

I've been teaching this very successful 3 step vocal technique at my studio and over skype for 12 years. With this system, you will quickly learn how to sing without straining! Hit high notes with ease! Have lots of breath! Expand your voice range and sing with more power!

Beginner to professional. Sing the music you love...Choir, Classical, Broadway, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country...

DINA CLAIRE Career Highlights: Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, London,England sponsored by the Royal Family, and Washington, DC for President Carter's cabinet and 600 guests. Movie credits: GYPSY with Natalie Wood, THE INTERNSHIP with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

----To contact me please go to my website: www.dinaclaire.com/vocalstudio.html
email:[email protected]

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