We are more than just a San Francisco fitness gym ...

San Francisco

We are more than just a San Francisco fitness gym offering personal training. Ascend Body is a holistically inspired private gym. We offer personal training, holistic lifestyle coaching, massage therapy, and an on-going calendar of group workshops.

We’re passionate about empowering you to live an active, well-balanced, and joyful life. We are here to guide you toward your goals and dreams through exercise, nutrition, restoration, and positive thinking. We believe that true success in your training program is provided by these foundational cornerstones — each element supporting and enhancing the other.

Ascend Body is a collective of exceptional, like-minded practitioners. Our team brings together multiple disciplines and backgrounds, complementing one another to create a dynamic approach to wellness.

We thrive in our commitment to advancing the education, well-being, and quality of life for our clients.
Our beautiful and convenient location hosts a stylish and intimate atmosphere. We offer everything you need for an extraordinary training session; towel service, well-appointed bathroom and shower amenities, organic fruits and nuts, and reverse-osmosis filtered water. We are dedicated to a truly individualized experience aimed to maximize your results in each session.

Founded from the desire to provide a unique and intimately tailored environment, Ascend Body is a place where you’ll be encouraged to explore the benefits of conscious eating, hydration, movement, rest, thinking and breathing.
We look forward to working with you.

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