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Auto Detailing Delivered to you!! Ask about our student discounts and other available discounts available. **Water and electricity is also delivered**
All wash delivery are by appointment only @
or by e-mail - [email protected]
****!!!! Welcome to Lafayette Special - Buy a Premium Xeno Wash, Receive a yellow receipt and a pink receipt, keep your WHITE receipt for a - 1st receipt drawn receives a $300 Gift Certificate. 2nd receipt drawn receives the Boilermaker Gold Ultimate Package. 3rd receipt drawn will win a mystery prize.
Give your PINK receipt to a friend to receive half off on a Premium Xeno Wash. Also, your WHITE receipt also qualifies for half off a Premium Xeno Wash.
*** COMING SOON - Xeno Motorsports. For all your automotive tuning needs. Store location found and in the works. (Perfect hangout spot with computers, tv's, and merchandise) ***
***** MENU *****
*Emphasis Xeno Wash $20.00 - You can add emphasis to your wash on the exterior or interior. Interior emphasis adds floormat shampoo, and a more thorough vacuuming and even small stain treatment. Also add this plan if you have leather that you want treated. Feel free to point out the areas you want detailed.
*Quick Xeno Rinse $25.00 - This is only for vehicles that have been waxed and just need to be sprayed off. It includes a wheel cleaning and tire shine. Use this wash to get the dust off before that important event. Please add 10 for vans and SUVs'.
*Premium Xeno Wash $40.00 - The Premium Wash is our best deal. It includes body wash and shampoo, wheel cleaning and tire shine, dashboard and door panel wipe down, vacuum, window cleaning and trim shine and quick wax. Dont forget to add ***Emphasis***. Please add 10 for vans and SUVs'
*Exterior Xeno Emphasis $20.00 - Exterior emphasis adds exhaust polishing and a little more attention to those areas you like on the exterior. You pick the areas and we'll make sure they shine.
*Boilermaker Gold Ultimate Package $100.00 - This is our Flagship wash. It includes the Premium Xeno Wash, Clay bar for contaminate removal, and a polymer liquid coating that will protect your vehicle from harsh Indiana elements (Salt) for up to 6 months. This wash will leave your car with a shine that will last. Please add $15.00 for vans and SUVs'.
*Boilermaker Gold Reapplication $75.00 - The Boilermaker gold re application plan is for customers who have already had clay working performed by us. This package restores your vehicles resilience to the Indiana weather and restores the luster your vehicle had after we did the clay work. Clay working is not need so often but the wax will break down depending on how clean you keep the coat and sun exposure. This plan is only safe after clay working but can be applied as often as you like. Please add $15.00 for vans and SUV's
*Steam Cleaning $100.00 - This package is a carpet, floor mat, and seat cleaning program. We pre-treat and scrub the interior, then Steam vac the areas to increase the cleaning power. This program is awesome for removing odors, killing germs and mold. Please add $15.00 for regular vans and SUV's and $30.00 for XL Vehicles. If you add the Premium or Ultimate Wash to this program you will receive a discount when we schedule.
*Recreational $15.00 - Boats, RV's, Jet Ski and other items --- $15.00 - 1/2 hr
*Quote - We not only wash cars, we can wash boats, RV's, motorcycles, and anything else you need cleaned. Just give us a call and we can mold a plan for whatever you have. Please call or email for quote. If there is a service you need that is not mentioned please call us and we can work with you to build a plan for you.
How it works -
So, you're neighbor, friend, or co-worker just got a wash from us and you're wondering how you can schedule one for yourself, right? Well you're in the right place. First, determine your realistic goals for your vehicles cleanliness. Are you cleaning this vehicle for a sell, a new edition to the family (new born) or gift for a loved one? (Just examples) What concerns you the most about your vehicle? These Questions will help you determine exactly how much you are willing to invest in your vehicle, and help guide our focus on choosing the right plan for you.
Does your vehicle have pet hair, sand, bad odors, and/or spills? If your answer is yes then you may want to invest in our Steam and Shampoo program. This program will kill bacteria and mold using steam, followed by a shampoo and hot-water extraction process. This program generally takes the longest to perform and must be thoroughly air dried once we are finished to avoid odors from returning or possibly getting worse. If you clean your vehicle often then there is no need for this program. All of our Signature wash programs include a thorough vacuum and interior cleaning.
Are you concerned with protecting your vehicles paint and coating? How often are you willing to wash and wax your car?with us, all of our Signature washes provide the same quality clean. The difference is in the coating applied once the vehicle is clean. We have coatings that protect for a few weeks and ones that last for up to 1 year! We also have spray waxes that are safe for vehicles that have been glass coated as well.
When does your schedule permit you to be unable to drive your vehicle for at least 2 hours? This should be a easy one. Most of us work so that is a prime time to get your car cleaned. Also there is the weekend. Schedule us around your time because that is what we are here to help you save.
Discounts -
Car Dealers
Spring Break and future holiday exclusives
Location: Lafayette
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