Adult & Youth Firearm Introductory & Advanced Classes (New Milford, CT)


Hourly instruction firearm programs are conducted daily on demand by HF LearnSafety Firearms Training Center at 315 Litchfield Road, New Milford, Connecticut.

Basic safety and introduction to rifles, shotguns and pistols, ammunition, safe storage and cleaning are taught. These classes are designed for teens through adults and include class room and live fire shooting.
The instructor is Herb Furhman a highly credentialed firearm instructor. A retired 30 year veteran police officer, Furhman is a current Connecticut Police Academy firearm instructor, an NRA Law Enforcement & Civilian firearm instructor, a State of Utah firearm instructor and an instructor for first responders through the Department of Homeland Security.
Mr.Furhman teaches many courses including rifle, pistol and shotgun that can be viewed on his website,
He has taught many small and large classes in a number of firearm disciplines.
Herb can be reached at 203-947-4327 or email: [email protected]

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