Apple HomeKit Developers

2 000 $

Apple Homekit is quickly becoming one of the hottest tech platforms out there, but it has one major flaw - at least from the user’s perspective: no unifying app to control all HomeKit enabled devices. But from the perspective of entrepreneurs in the wild and those we keep in captivity at SDI, this is an opportunity. SDI’s developers know what it takes to make the best app for Homekit, with a high degree of user customization, flawless functionality across all major iOS devices, and control over all HomeKit authorized devices.

The best news is that we can do all of this starting at the low price of $2,000 per app; all you have to do is pick up the phone!

Are you ready to start making money of your own apps for HomeKit?

Email [email protected] or call us 408.802.2885 / 408.621.8481 today.

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19 Feb
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