Art Deco jewelry

New York

Are you looking for a fashionable and luxurious piece of jewelry?
Art Deco is definitely the style you are looking for!
Adin (Fine Antique jewelry), located in “the diamond capital” Antwerp, Belgium, is an antique jewelry company specializing in 19th century French antique jewelry.
We are most proud of our beautiful collection, which contains a large number of Art Deco jewelry in various price ranges, all of them in a very good condition.
Adin invites you to take a trip in the 1920's Art Deco movement. Just visit our website and enjoy the enormous offer of Art deco jewelry. All our jewelry are very good documented with pictures and text with a lot of interesting background information about the piece of jewelry.
All jewelry that goes on sale at Adin has to have passed through the workshop. The expert checking will have to be convinced that the piece is worthy of being sold as an Adin antique. This assures that the jewelry we sell as antiques are only those that our experts consider to be fine examples of their type.
Eventhough you don't live in Belgium, buying at Adin is very easy. We have a secure online system which gives you the possibility to buy the art deco jewelry online. Just visit our website, look for the item you want to buy and follow the purchase procedure. The Adin-team will keep you updated about your purchase and after a few days you will have the jewel at your doorstep.
Adin's online department has been active since March 1999 and has been greeted by extremely positive reviews by our online clients. Since the first launch of the Adin antique jewelry website it has undergone many upgrades over the years, keeping Adin an example for many colleagues worldwide on how to present jewelry over the internet.
How to contact us?
Phone: 01132 3 213 65 00
Mail: [email protected]
You can always send us an email with your phonenumber and best calling hours and we will call you back.

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