Automotive Technician (ALL OVER)

St. Louis

Are you having car trouble and can't afford the high cost of the mechanic shop? Has your car quit on you and you and you can't afford to have it towed to the shop? If so, then give me a call. I am a very knowledgeable Auto Technician that can fix most problems at a fraction of the cost that the mechanic shop charges.
Griffin's Automotive Service/Mobile Mechanic Foreign and Domestic
314-605-5729 or email [email protected]
$15.00 to Come Out (up to 10 miles, $5.00 per 10 miles after the initial 10 miles)
BRAKES Front or Rear Pads - $50.00
Front or Rear Shoes - $50.00
Brakes and Rotors - $75.00 (Front or Rear)
Master Cylinder - $75.00(requires bleeding)
Bleeding - $50.00
Repair or replace brake lines- (TBD)
Oil Change
$20.00 - Any make or model (customer's oil)
Fluid Disposal - $5.00
Tune Up
Spark Plugs - $50.00
Spark Plugs and Wires - $80.00
Dist. Cap and Rotor- $40.00
Air Filter $10.00
Steering and Suspension
Ball Joints - $50.00 per ball joint (most vehicles)
Tie Rods - $50.00 per tie Rod (most vehicles)
Control Arms - $75.00
Stabilizer Links - $40 (most vehicles)
Shocks - $50.00 per shock (most vehicles)
Struts - $75.00 per strut (most vehicles)
Alternator - $50.00 (most vehicles)
Starter - $ 50.00 (most vehicles)
Compressor - $ 50.00 (most vehicles)
Harmonic Balancer - $125 (most vehicles)
V Belt - $30.00
Serpentine Belt - $30.00 (most vehicles)
Carburetor / Throttle Body - $ 125.00(most vehicles)
Water Pump - $ 125 (most vehicles)
Fuel Injectors - $25 per injector
Radiator - $75.00 (most vehicles)
Radiator Flush/ Cooling System Service - $100.00 (most vehicles)
Fan Clutch - $75.00 (most vehicles)
Electric Fan - $50.00 (most vehicles)
Filter Change - $50.00
I also replace engines and transmissions.
Car Stereo
Head Unit Install - $40.00
Amplifier and Subwoofer Install - $75.00
Diagnosis of Stereo System - $50.00
Plus, much more. No job too big or too small. All work performed by a Certified Technician.
All parts to be purchased by customer at the start of job. Mechanic does not keep an inventory of parts.
Will repair using junkyard parts, however a 20% charge will be added to the price of junkyard parts as a cost of the additional labor.
(Pricing determined by the total amount of work needed, not by the hour like most mechanics.)

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