Charming Pygmy Marmoset & Capuchin Monkeys For X-Mass .

580 $
Colorado Springs

They are very intelligent and fast at learning new skills especially when they feels sufficiently rewarded. They are 5months 2weeks .Personality-wise, they might not only be the best monkeys we have ever had – but the best we have ever seen. our babies have turned out to be very strong. they are one the best eaters we have ever had (some babies don’t take the bottle very well). Best of all, our baby monkeys are very sweet, loves the company of kids and other pets , and have one of the most even temperaments of any monkeys we have ever raised. Even with pain from teething, they never cries or fusses and goes in and out of their box as they sees fit! These beautiful little babies likes to chew fingers, suck their thumb, and play with toys! they never cries when it is time for bed and doesn’t tear things. They loves to play, give kisses, and hugs, interested persons should contact us (985) 200-6410 .

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