Drafting-Residential Design-2D/3D-.50/sf (Charlotte/Gastonia)


Architectural Design Services:
Custom Home Design
Interior Design & Furniture layout
Prices from .50/sf heated
The design process is the most important part of building your new home. The most important element
of a great home is the right design. To provide a design that gives shape to your dreams requires a holistic approach. We learn the needs and the lifestyle of your family. We give consideration to flexibility and expansion especially when your family needs may increase. We study the neighboring structures, lot orientation, topography, local vegetation, and the neighborhood. The "physics" of the design is studied to ensure an energy-efficient home. All of these factors help to determine the appropriate design of your home. Finally, we add an aesthetic sense and the appropriate architectural style to produce the perfect dream home for you and your family.
We offer two levels of service for our Custom Residential Plans:
1. Schematic Design Drawings; This includes the basic floor plans and front elevation.
2. Permit/Construction Drawings; This includes detailed floor plans, remaining elevations,
Details, Schedules, etc.
Levels of Services Scope of Work:
Schematic Design Drawings:
These are plans conceptualized or designed to create the layout of the house. This is considered as the
most essential part of the design process, wherein a creative functional solution is produced to meet all
the client's requirements and specifications. Schematic Plans are plans for planning purposes alone
although they may be sufficient to be used as models for a permit/construction document set. They do
not constitute buildable plans. Further development is necessary, which may include civil, structural,
mechanical, plumbing, electrical engineering, etc.
Use this service if:
- You want to visualize your new house ideas on paper first and find out how much your project will cost before you get a full set of construction drawings.
- You don't plan to build your new house right away, but would like to start developing
its design ahead of time.
- You're applying for a construction loan from a bank and need to submit general house plans in your loan application.
- You want to obtain and initial price your new house project with contractors before you get a full set of construction drawings.
If you want to start slowly and visualize your new house before you commit to a builder set of plans, we suggest you order our Schematics Plans first.
What you'll get when you order Schematic Plans:
- Computer-drafted floor plans.
- Computer-rendered front elevation.
Permit/Construction Drawings:
This is a complete set of computer-drafted Architectural Construction Drawings, including detailed floor
plans, all exterior elevations (4 sides), typical wall sections/ building cross sections, site development
plan, roof plan/ design, door and window schedule, schedule of finishes, electrical/ lighting layout, stair
schematic details, and reflected ceiling plans.
These are the drawings you need when applying for a building permit. Use this service if you need a full
set of construction drawings for the new house you are planning to build.
We will meet or beat your design budget if at all possible. All jobs quoted up front so no unexpected overages.
Give us a call at 704-877-3641 or email at [email protected] and ask for Michael.

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