Free Coffee cups for Restaurant and Businesses

All of Maine

Why would we offer you 432 coffee mugs with your full color logo on the front for free?
          That's right, we will give you 144 full color 11 1/2 oz. coffee mugs three times a year for a total of 36 dozen mugs, for free.
          Your part will be to find three or four local businesses who will agree to purchase full color advertising spaces on the sides of your mugs.  They get a year's worth of high profile, local advertising and you get free logoed mugs with your own advertising.
          Perhaps you're familiar with a carpenter, a plumber, a lawn service and a realtor that you would recommend.  Selecting advertisers whose businesses compliment one another is a great way to build and strengthen your local business community.
          We will design your mugs to display from 3 to 4 advertisers, including you, and no charges will be incurred to your resturant. advertisers will pay for the mugs after the resturant and advertiser signs off on the proofs.  All of the set-up, production and delivery costs will be included in the advertising fees paid by your business associates.
Please call Mug-Ads at (207) 433-7646 or E-mail us at [email protected]

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