Fuel injector testing and cleaning


Is your engine running poorly after a tune up, Bad performance and gas millage, It could be your fuel injectors. But You say you have had a on engine fuel system cleaning, but it only helped for a short time.
On engine cleaning is great for preventive maintenance and to fix small problems, I have recommended it many times to my customers. But it can't measure up to off engine ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning.
That is because we can see how the injectors are operating just like in the engine. That means we can compare the injectors to each other and see the rich and lean injectors that are causing the problems.

I own and operate Doctor Injector of Sacramento. We perform off engine ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning. Here is a link showing what we do. http://www.doctorinjector.net/7343.html

Each Injector is electrically tested and checked for leaks at tip and body. We check the spray pattern and measure the flow of fluid. strip the injector of o-rings ,pintel cap and filters. after the cleaning process we test the flow again, if it is not up to par repeat the cleaning process as needed.
All injectors are returned with a flow sheet showing before and after results , withe new filters, o-rings and pintel caps.
We rebuild Throttle Body's and can re-bush the shaft if needed if it is a 3/8 or 5/16.
We rebuild the spider units for the 4.3 and 5.7 chevy/gm.
We service the mechanical injectors CIS for VW ,Mercedes BMW.
We also have injector plugs for almost any application. We sell alot of those to shops repairing rodent damage and making a new wiring harness.
We sell new and serviced fuel injectors.
Lets say one of the fuel injectors in the engine is electrically bad. You purchase a new or rebuilt injector, but your other injectors are may be dirty and not flowing properly at wide open throttle and low speeds, ruff idle, possible misfire, lack of power and gas millage .
We can test those injectors with the new replacement and if they have a poor spray pattern or lean flow we can roll the test price into the full service price.
We service repair shops, machine shops, boat and motorcycle shops, race teams and the do it your self guy or gal.

If you are pulling the intake or head for service then send us the fuel injectors.

If you are rebuilding the engine or head then send us the fuel injectors.

If you bought some injectors used, wrecking yard, eBay and so on then send us the injectors.

If you have any questions I would like to talk with you . We have a quick turn around, most times it just takes a day depending on the amount of work on the bench for our 2 machines.
We have had shops as far away as England send us there injectors.
If you have any questions please give us a call 916-222-7126
We are located at at 2605 Palo Vista Way , Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670 [email protected]
Hours of service M/T 9am-5Pm, W/TH 9am-1pm, F 9am-12pm

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Are your injectors sick? Call Doctor Injector.
http://www.doctorinjector.net Doctor Injector fuel injector cleaning was established in 1994.

Fuel Injector Cleaning http://www.doctorinjector.net/

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