High Security Single Door Electromagnetic Lock

538 $
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The M400 Series of electromagnetic locks from Schlage are designed to be robust; easy to install; and secure. The new bayonet mounting feature makes installs easier; allowing the installer to have their hands free during the mounting process. There's no need to consider door handing; as all the M400 Series electromagnetic locks are both non-handed and symmetrical; allowing optimum placement of the magnet no matter the application. All M400 Series locks have automatic voltage sensing for 12 and 24 volts along with polarity protection to make wiring less complex. The M490 is tested and certified to meet or exceed UL1034 and BHMA 1500lb hold force requirements.
• Meets or exceeds BHMA standard of 1500lb holding force
• Automatic dual 12/24 voltage standard
• Current draw: 0.65 amps in 12 volt operation; 0.35 amps in 24 volt operation
• Height: 3'
• Length: 12-1/2'
• Width: 1-3/4'
• Temperature: 32-120F (0-49C)
• Wire Gauge: 14-22 AWG
Price: $430.62
Originally Price: $538.00

Schlage electromagnetic locks are used to secure the door in conjunction with push bars; request-to-exit devices; or credential readers for fail-safe applications when code compliance permits. You can use them on a single standalone door or as part of an access control system. Electromagnetic locks do not contain moving parts; making them extremely durable and preferred for high security applications. Electromagnetic locks consist of an armature and a coil assembly; which become magnetized when an electric current passes through them. This magnetic field secures the door. Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe by design. To unlock the door simply remove power.
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