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Hill Auto Salvage - Cash for cars today! (Pittsburgh and surrounding areas) Pittsburgh

Hill Auto Salvage - Cash for cars today! (Pittsburgh and surrounding areas)


Contact Us!

At Hill Auto Salvage, we can offer you a price for a vehicle without even seeing it. You can call us at 412-973-2634 to speak directly with someone regarding a quote. You will be asked a few questions about the vehicle, and then a price will be offered. Our over-the-phone quotes are guaranteed for that day, provided that all information is accurate. Once a price is agreed upon, your address and phone number will be required, and a time for pickup will be scheduled. You can also e-mail us at  

Prepare Your Vehicle!

Before the driver arrives to pick up the vehicle, it is recommended that you prepare your vehicle. A good way to start would begin with removing your personal belongings. Although Hill Auto Salvage does not require the car to be empty, once the car leaves your property, no items can be returned. License plates, car chargers, and your favorite CD will be gone for good when the driver pulls away.
Please have your title ready before the driver arrives! A pink slip or bill of sale is not enough. You MUST have your title in hand!

Driver Arrives!
When the driver arrives at your house, the vehicle will be inspected based on the questions asked over the phone. The driver will instruct you on title procedures, pay you cash for the vehicle, and then connect the vehicle to the tow truck. Your vehicle will be carefully removed from the property to prevent damage. Once the vehicle is on the tow truck, it is covered by our insurance, so you have no worries. This is a very simple process, and a great way to get fast cash!

Hill Auto Salvage

Hill Auto Salvage pays more for your unwanted cars!
We serve Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas!
Call anytime!!! 412-973-2634



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