Horseback Riding Lessons

Kansas, House Springs, MO

Lisa Wynne teaches and trains English, Western, and Easy-Gaited styles in Dressage, Jumping, Cross-Country, and Trail Riding. She works all levels of students and with Anxiety/PTSD. Students are about 1/2 children and 1/2 adults. Lessons vary depending on each student’s age, skill level and individual goals. She focuses on teaching people to become a part of the horse’s world; to understand how they work, think, and interact with both humans and other horses. 

She got her start in Abuse/Neglect/Injury rehabilitation and trains horses starting with halter training and into fine-tuning and higher-level riding using nonviolent methods based on horse herd hierarchy and individual horse needs. Lisa’s equine trainees include Longmeadow Rescue Ranch horses, Off the Track Thoroughbreds, mild to severe abuse/neglect cases, wild horses, horses that reacted poorly to "Natural Horsemanship" training, aggressive horses and more.

We are an eco-friendly facility focused on holistic care for all horses.

1 hour private: $45
1 hour semi-private: $35
1 hour group (3 or more): $30
[email protected]
Call 314.276.3337

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