IT Training on Real Time Live Projects

121 $

iiT Workforce is based in Atlanta, Ga – United States of America
We provide :
 IT Training on Real time projects to build real time Experience.
 Complete Software development for our end clients.
 Software QA testing services to find defects on existing software & new Software .

We provide skilled/trained/domain experts at a reasonable cost.
 When the client interviews,90% of our candidates are selected, because the candidates are already pre-screened /interviewed and are ready for Face2Face Interviews. It saves lot of time and money for our clients.
• iiTworkforce team involve in developing software for end clients.
• iiTworkforce Team find bugs on existing/new software in fortune 500 client projects.

Our Core Team has expertise in multiple domains:
 Healthcare billing and Insurance Claims, Patient Portal and Hospital Management etc.
 Telecom billing and SIM Activation, Online Bill Pay, Point of Sale(POS), VOIP, DSL and Cable etc .
 Supply Chain Management (SCM), Shipping and Handling ,Logistics etc.
 Customer Relationship Management(CRM) ,Salesforce, Cloud, BigData
 Banking and Finance, Credit Card Processing, Mortgage Loan, Collections, Fund Management etc.

I graduated from University. I completed my I.T. Training.
 I am a fresh graduate and I don’t know how to build my resume with real time experience?
 I don’t have any real time experience on I.T. projects. How am I supposed to get job?
 I failed my interview! How do I succeed?
 Not a single client is selecting my resume! Why?

An I.T. career is wonderful, but without REAL TIME HANDSON EXPERIENCE It is hard to build your career.
A Solution is wonderful, but where can you find it ?

You have come to the right place.- IIT Workforce
IIT Workforce provides real time project based IT Training in Big Data /Hadoop ,Software QA Testing, Selenium Automation Testing, Java/J2EE,Microsoft .net, Informatica, Salesforce, Dev Ops, Data Science and many other technologies.

Get Real Time Hands on experience @IIT Workforce
IIT Workforce has gained the trust from many customers and want to gain your trust as well.
Please check our former customer’s reviews in facebook and Google:

IIT Workforce can make the candidate work on real time project ,assist you to prepare a good resume & prepare the candidate for Face2Face interviews.
Attend a free seminar with IIT Workforce to know to succeed.

Visit: | Email: [email protected] | USA: + 1-408-715-7889

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