Looking for new canine buddy (grand rapids)

Grand Rapids

Hello! We are looking for a new dog. We recently had to put our 15 year old Willa to sleep and find ourselves very lonely without her! We had her since she was 8 weeks old- she was like a child to us! We took excellent care of her, which is why we think she lived so long. We fed her one of the best foods on the market (Innova) and gave her fresh water in a clean bowl every day, which she nearly polished off daily. Since we know how important water is to us humans, it must be equally important to dogs. We are looking for a full grown dog, no puppies please. We would prefer one that is 40 pounds or less. We will give your pet excellent care and love her/him forever!!! Please call 616/214-8281 or email [email protected] The phone is a land line and as such can not accept texts. Thank you!

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