National Rifle Association, Police, Security Instructor (New Milford, CT)


Take an NRA, Utah or Security Guard certified class with Herbert Furhman , owner of HF LearnSafety Firearms Training Center in New Milford, CT.
Herb is an NRA Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms instructor for pistol, shotgun and rifle.
What makes him one of the best in New England is that he is a distinguished active Connecticut Police Academy Multi-Firearms, Taser, OC, Handcuffing and Baton Instructor. Herb is a 30 year retired police officer and runs many classes from permits to advanced tactical and safety instruction. He has taught thousands of persons firearms and less lethal skills.
Go to his website at
Email him at [email protected]
Call him at 203-947-4327.
Herb works 7 days a week.

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