Need a clean home? Tight on cash? We MUST be what you are looking for! (BUTTE AND SURROUNDING AREAS)


We know what you're thinking.. "Another small cleaning business.."
We do it....and we do it well. We are the cleaning dream team!
Come see for yourself what it is like to feel pampered by your cleaning service provider!!
Our clients are FAMILY! We want you to be feel comforted in knowing that not only will we get the job done, but we will far exceed your expectations and keep some green in your wallet.
After all, what good is a someone coming in to clean your home for you if you just end up broke over it?
We have package deals that make having a regular home cleaning service not only affordable, but beyond tempting....and TOTALLY POSSIBLE!
We can handle just about anything you could imagine or desire!Check it out!
We clean apartments, houses, and small retailers.
We do move-ins, move-outs, "after home repair care", weekly, bi weekly, one time full clean ups, we steam clean, we detail clean (cracks crevices baseboards walls!) we simply clean, WE LOVE TO CLEAN!!!
Didnt find your "to do" on our list?? Heres some more:
We can do your shopping, your laundry piles, organize your kids room, help rearrange furniture, run your errands, pick up your dry cleaning, run to the post office....
GUYS...THIS ISNT JUST FOR THE LADIES! Give your lady the gift of a dang break from all that housework!! She can go out with her girls once a week while we do what she would have had instead!!! Got yourself in trouble sir?? Lets put a smile on your wifes face and get you outta that doghouse!! :D
Are you excited yet??? We are!!! We want to help you, let us save you time. Who wants to do all that scrubbing anyway??? You?? No! You work, you might have kids, you attend college all day, maybe you run your own business..whatever you do...WHO HAS THE TIME??
WE DO!!!
We are house cleaners with personality and respect!!
So...what are you waiting for??? That cleaning isnt gonna do itself! And ya know you dont wannnnna!!! Let us clean your home up!
We provide both a service contract, locked rate contracts, and several guarantees.
We pride ourselves on having the absolute BEST customer service anywhere!!
Contact us on Facebook:
Contact us via Email: [email protected]
By Phone 7 days a week, phone hours are 9a.m. to 8p.m for appointment setting purposes @ 406-533-9199 or 406-490-8592
Give us a try, you'll be surprised!!
"Life can sometimes be messy, but your home doesnt have to be!"

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