Petsitter Available (Dexter/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti)

Ann Arbor

My name is Wendy Vontom and I am an experienced animal lover. I can handle just about any animal and will handle them with love and care. I have 11 years experience with horses, a lifetime experience with dogs, and three years experience with cats. I have dealt with ducks, chickens, rabbits, any rodent (hamster, guinea pig) and multiple reptiles. I can do any barn chore that's required when it comes to horses and I'm always willing to pay undivided attention to any animal. I've worked at a cat shelter for three years, so I can give any medication that doesn't require a needle. If your cat or dog needs fluids, I can do that as well.
My rates (this is per day, so if you have two dogs, it would be $20 per day):
$15 per horse. After the third horse it's only ten dollars for each horse after that.
$10 per dog. This applies to both big and small dogs. I have a small dog and I know how much work they can be. Again, if you have more than three dogs, it's only $5 for every dog after the third.
$5 per cat. I know cats can be unpredictable and even more work than dogs, depending on the cat. After the third cat, it's only $3 per cat.
If there are any extra animals that need taking care of, like ducks, rabbits, or other rodents, it's only $15 for the care for all of them per day.
Im located in Ypsilanti. Now, I can either house sit for you or you can choose to pay me for gas and have me drive out there morning and night. If you live in the Ypsi area, its only $5 per day. If you're in Ann Arbor, its $10 per day. anywhere outside of that would be $15 per day.
My rates can change depending on how easy the animals are. I like to be paid ahead of time, instead of after the job. If you would like to have me as your petsitter, please contact me at [email protected] or at 734-904-1816.

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