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QuickBooks expert with more than 18 years experience available to teach you, REALLY teach you QuickBooks.
New to QuickBooks and just want to learn it? I can teach you everything you need to know!
Business owners: I will train you specifically to your business. Don't bother with the group QuickBooks classes. They will not help YOU learn QuickBooks and accounting for YOUR business.
I teach one on one OR for a business, a group of no larger than 3 personnel.
Either I can come to you, or you to me. If I come to you and the drive is more than 20 miles, I do charge the IRS rate for mileage. My zip code is 19001.
I also do setups, cleanups and monthly reconciliations.
Rates vary, please call for more information.
Kristen Petroff
[email protected]

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