Reagan Survival Camp


The goal of the Reagan Leadership Camp is to prepare participants:
* For Survival in a Temperate Woodland Environment
* For Emergencies and Eventualities
* To be better prepared for Leadership roles.
Reagan Leadership Camp will introduce individuals to:
* Starting fires without matches
* Cooking over an open fire
* Basic trapping and stalking
* cleaning wild game
* Identification and preparation of edible plants
* Building shelter
* Identification, purification and use of various water sources
* Making and using primitive weapons (i.e. spears, bow and arrows)
* Basic wilderness first aid
* Signaling and communicating with rescuers
* Orienteering (use of map and compass)
This camp will be run by a leadership team consisting of Eagle Scouts that have various certifications, awards, and licenses consisting of the following:
* Red Cross Certified Blood Borne Pathogens Instructor
* Red Cross Certified Child and Adult AED Instructor
* Red Cross Certified First Aid Instructor
* Red Cross Certified First Responder
* Red Cross Certified Infant, Child and Adult CPR Instructor
* Red Cross Certified Lifeguard Instructor
* south carolina Law Enforcement Division Armed Security Officer
( In addition to what is mentioned above, each instructor has received extensive training in Wilderness Survival and Outdoor Skills. )
When: Friday, May 14 - Sunday May 16
Friday, May 28 - Sunday, May 30
Friday, May 28 - Saturday, June 5
(Participants coming for the week-long trip will begin their training with the participants of the second weekend camp.)
Where: Foothills of the Smokey Mountains near Knoxville, TN
Cost: Deadline to register is May 1.
$250.00 per person for either weekend trip if registered before March 30.
$500.00 per person for the week-long trip if registered before March 30.
$275.00 per person for either weekend trip.
$540.00 per person for the week-long trip.
(10% discount given to groups of 4 or more - registrations must be mailed together)
(10% discount given to Boy Scouts and active or former military)
Boy Scouts will be given opportunities to complete the Survival Merit Badge and
sections of the Camping Merit Badge.
During this intense but enjoyable camp, you will be positively developed as you learn outdoor and survival skills. You will have fun. You will be challenged. You will learn skills that will benefit you the rest of your life. When you arrive for camp, you will join a team, and your team will compete against other teams in an effort to earn the most points. In addition to all of the great instruction you will receive, you will be provided with a survival kit and instructions that you keep. In addition, we will also provide food and water during the camp. For more information about participation including a schedule of daily activities or to receive the necessary forms, please contact us at [email protected] Hope to see y'all in May.

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