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You want to make money, so please read this entire thing. I don't want you to read and then find out at the end, "oh this is going to cost me." I hate that! I myself have been out of work for awhile. I have been looking for months to find something real and legitimate to do on the internet without any bull or hype or scam. . . ... and I have!
I am asking a one-time donation of $10 for sending you to a site. This site in only $27 for life! Now bear with me, yes you can search and maybe end up on this site yourself, it took me several sites to stumble upon it. Trust me I went through a lot of sites! But I am saving you the time and I have to spend my time emailing you with the info, hence the $10.
Now listen, the best part when you join this site not only can you search as often as you like for unclaimed cash/property from a search that covers more places than anyone else, no stone unturned. That means you could uncover unclaimed cash/property for yourself.
But there's more. . . this site will also show you how to make money being an unclaimed cash/property finder for others using this same site at no extra cost.
Imagine how happy you might be yourself to find out you may have unclaimed cash/property coming to you using this, and imagine how happy you could make someone else telling them they had cash/property they never knew they had coming. You can't lose!
You must abide by the laws in your state for the amount you can charge for a finder's fee each state is different. On this site they will give you all this information.
So $37 is all you need total, the $10 non refundable donation to me and the $27 access fee for the site itself.
I am not an affiliate of this site, I can't make any promises you will be successful with this site, I certainly believe that you will.
Everything else on the net seems great but then you find it's a lot of work and or it keeps costing you. This may help any of you who are struggling in this economy. It's your choice!
If you are interested in this, please email me for payment info. ([email protected])
Once the donations paid I will email you the site info.
p.s. when you go to this site you can read everything about it before you decide to join but I am certain you will want to.

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