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Stud needed for South African Mastiff Charleston

Stud needed for South African Mastiff


Im looking for a stud. For my girl. Her name is Sandy. She is a Boerboel. They are also known as a South African Mastiff. She is A.K.C. registered. She is 140 pounds. She has never been bred. She is 2 years old. And Im looking for a stud for her. She is not in heat right now. But I know her breed is pretty rare to America. So I thought I would start looking now. I ONLY want to bred her with another Boerboel ( South African Mastiff) And he needs to be registered too. And I would like to see his pedigree. Before paying out for stud service. And I will have other questions about the male. Like his temperment etc. I only want the best for my girl. This will be her only breeding. After she has one litter. We are getting her fixed. I just want her to experience what it is like to be a mommy. Before we get her fixed. So if you have a male Boerboel. Or know so one that does. Please email me. Thanks. I have attached some pictures of our girl. :)
Sandy is very mellow. And goes with the flow. She allows are to girls to crawl all over her. Kiss her and hug her. Sandy just lays there. Other than kissing the babies back. She is protective over the babies though. She barks when strangers come around the girls. She is only like this with the babies though. But loves to rough play with my son and my husband. She hasn't had a lot of training. But listens on que. Every time. She is extremely smart. She is the smartest dog I have ever had or known. We love her dearly. :)
You can email me at:

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