Stunning Little Yorkie Princess Xxs....text/call..((251) 298-8054

300 $

This TINY girl is STUNNING! She is an tiny micro
teacup size. She is 10 weeks old and only weighs
15 oz. She has the prettiest babydoll face.
Very pretty eyes, small ears and a short button
nose. Her hair is nice and thick and is black and
tan in color. I believe she will stay the color
she is now even when mature. She is charting to
weigh only weigh 2 lbs when mature. She is a very
special tiny girl. She has the baby doll face,
tiny ears and a short button nose. She is very
healthy just tiny. Her mother weighs 4 lbs and her
father weighs 3 lbs. She is too tiny to breed ..
She is a very unique, special little girl.(251) 298-8054

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