Summa Cum Laude Graduate - Job Seeking! (Boston/Surrounding)


Resume is pasted at the bottom of this post!
I am a recent graduate from Salem State University. I graduated with a BLS in American Studies, a minor in English and a 3.94 cumulative GPA. I am smart, self-disciplined, self-motivated and I can handle anything thrown my way. I thrive on deadlines and love to be challenge. I can adapt to a variety of surroundings and I get along with all types of people. I am a team player, and I am passionate about everything I do.
I did my English internship proofreading and editing for Volume IV of The Complete Letters of Henry James and in 2015 will be listed as an assistant editor in the book.
I am interested in anything in the creative field but would be a good fit pretty much anywhere. I feel like anyone would be very lucky to have me work for their company because I would make it my personal goal to push the company I'd be working for to grow and endure.
My e-mail is listed here as well as my phone number so please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in learning more about me!
Thanks for your time!
Andrea J. Antidormi, BLS
Summa Cum Laude Graduate
[email protected]
I strive to create an excellent, positive work environment for co-workers and myself. I believe that when people are happy where they work, a company is able to run smoother and more efficiently. Not only do I work well with all different types of people, I also am a natural leader willing to give direction when appropriate. As well, I am always open to any kind of constructive criticism because I seek to better myself as often as possible. I am an effective and friendly communicator, which I believe, would give clients and other employees a sense of trust and comfort when corresponding with me. I trust that by drawing upon my talents and abilities in several different subjects, it would give me an outstanding opportunity to help your business grow and endure. Concentrating in an interdisciplinary field has helped season me into a well-rounded and educated individual in many different facets. I chose to work within the interdisciplinary department at Salem State University because of the extra opportunities to study a specific subject from a multitude of angles. Learning in this way allows one to develop more effective ways of working, and problem solving. I know that I would be a wonderful asset to your company simply because I am a smart, hardworking woman who possesses an exclusive skillset as well as a positive and friendly attitude towards work and life.
Research Intern September 2013 -- January 2014
• Proofreading
• Annotating
• Editing
• Correcting transcriptions to match manuscripts
• Side-by-side proofreading
• Using of proofreader marks efficiently and accurately
Peer Tutor September 2013 -- January 2014
• Proofreading student papers
• Helping students come up with their own individual ideas
• Grammar checking
• Helping students understand literary material
• Helping students understand geological material
• Breaking down course material
• Helping students develop effective study habits
Salem State University, Salem Massachusetts, United States
BLS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentration in American Studies and English minor, Dec 2013
• 3.94 Cumulative GPA -- Summa Cum Laude
• Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Member
• Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Member
• In the top 10% of the Senior Class at Salem State University
• Dean's List Spring 2012
• Dean's List Fall 2013
• Dean's List Spring 2013
• Able to work using interdisciplinary approaches
• Solid eye for detail to ensure accuracy
• Organized
• Tremendous work ethic
• Work well with others
• Use all time resourcefully and practically
• Semi-fluent in Italian

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