two used computers plus hard drives etc.

All of Maine

i have a used hp pavilion desktop and a used etower 333k series desktop.
they include one monitor, 4 hard drives, five keyboards,two spare cd rom drives, speakers
two spare power boxes, two spare modems, a spare proccesser (intel pentium 3),
a spare computer frame, cd rom recovery disks, windows vista rescue disk (does not work on windows 98), "how to set up your computer" papers, etower 333k users manual, "getting started"cd,
"windows 98 second edition updates" cd,
microsoft computer concepts 4th edition cd,
microsoft wroks manual for windows 95,
internet connection cds,
etower 33k monitor setup manual,
getting the most out of the internet manual,
hp pavilion multimedia displays manual,
windows 98 and the internet manual,
email for price     [email protected]

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