Very Profitable Slot Machine Style Games for Cafe - $1

1 $
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We specialize in software distribution. With multiple system settings, our games can operate like a slot machine, pull tab, skill game, or true no chance. Dozens of games with advanced back end reporting. Our Patent Pending system allows your customers to experience the feel of gambling in front of something similar to a slot machine display, without having to go to the casino, and without violating a lot of the anti-gambling laws. We welcome all to our fun and lucrative industry.

The Gold Fusion Games can be set to operate in different modes for you to comply with your local laws. Available settings are:

Show next win (a form of Pre-Reveal / Prereveal)
Full Disclosure (No Chance)
Non-Sweepstakes (No sweepstakes)
Plus multiple other settings

For more information on Internet Cafe Sweepstakes, or any questions about the Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Software, or to get started with your own Internet Cafe Sweepstakes, please visit us at:

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