Western Illinois Piano Tuning and Repair

Peoria, Macomb, IL 61455

Macomb, IL Piano Tuning and Repair
Aledo, IL Piano Tuning and Repair
Galesburg, IL Piano Tuning Service
Seaton, IL Piano Tuning and Repair
Piano Tuner in Monmouth, IL
Abingdon, IL Piano Tuning
Piano Tuner in Illinois

Please contact Craig Clough at (309) 786-8617. If the answering machine is full, please send an email to [email protected]

Tuning, repair, rebuilding, refinishing, key top replacement, regulation, restringing, etc.

Why not have your piano tuned by someone who can really play the piano and who knows how your piano should really play?

I'll even give you a mini-concert when I'm done tuning your piano!

Complete internal and external restoration of pianos in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas since 1974!

Thank you!

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